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Training Aids & Leather

Side Pull

The Side Pull is made to the same proportions as the headstall but with the addition of high quality stainless steel rings on each side, giving a ‘side pull’ effect.

This product is an excellent tool for the trainer when starting a green horse.

Training Arm

The Training Arm is constructed from a fibre glass rod with a webbing loop attached at one end and a rubber grip on the other.

They can be used simply as an extension of your arm or you can attach plastic bags, flags etc as a training aid. They are useful for ‘bagging down’ green horses, starting young working dogs and as a cattle drafting cane.  A stick for every occasion!!

Working Line

The Working Line is constructed from 6mm double braided polyester yachting rope and is 6ft long. It has a loop in one end made with an eye splice and a leather popper on the other end.

It is the perfect addition to the Training Arm.

Show Cattle Stick

The Show Cattle Stick is constructed from a fibre glass rod with a neatly fitted rubber grip on one end and an aluminium cattle tickler on the other. These sticks are used by people who handle and show cattle as a training and handling aid.

Custom orders are welcome please contact us with your request and we will see what we can do!