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Yachting Rope Reins

The yachting rope reins are constructed from double braided polyester yachting rope. They are available in 12mm or 14mm rope and can be made with stainless steel trigger clips or slobber straps.

The standard length of the joined reins is 3m. Split reins are 2m long (each rein) and come with leather poppers fitted to the ends. All reins can be made to any length required.

Flat Reins

The flat reins are constructed from single braided (no core) polyester yachting rope made to sit flat. Each end of the rein is back spliced and stitched to avoid unravelling. They come standard as 2m long split reins or 3m long joined reins. Any length is available on request.


Both styles are fitted with stainless steel trigger clips for easy attachment to your bridle. The split reins have leather poppers fitted to the ends and also have the option of loops instead of clips.


Available in limited colours.


Slobber Straps

The Slobber Straps are made from high quality leather and are available in three different colours.

They come in two sizes to suit either the 12mm or 14mm yachting rope.